On April 17, 2020, the Board of Pharmacy issued new guidance on the calculation of a patient’s 90-day supply. To assist dispensary employees in calculating a patient’s fill periods, the MMCP has developed the following calculator.

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the first day of the patient’s current recommendation in the box below to populate the fill periods.

Enter the First Day of the Patient's Recommendation:

Fill Period Start Date End Date Maximum Days' Supply that may be Purchased
Fill 0-1 46*
Fill 0-2 45
Fill 1-1 45
Fill 1-2 45
Fill 2-1 45
Fill 2-2 45
Fill 3-1 45
Fill 3-2 45

*Board policy provides patients with an extra day supply from the date of initial issuance of a recommendation.

REMINDER: The calculator assumes the patient was provided a recommendation with 3 refills.