The Ohio Department of Commerce announces the recipients of the Level II cultivator provisional licenses.

The applications for the below companies can be found by clicking the link.

Please Note: Interested parties could submit multiple applications, but can only receive one provisional license. An awarded Level II cultivator provisional licensee has up to 10 days to choose the location for the cultivation facility.

Please refer to the scoring reference guide for scoring questions. The Level I cultivator provisional licenses will be announced in the coming weeks. To receive a certificate of operation, each provisional licensee will have to comply with all statutory and rule requirements which includes zoning requirements of the locality. No further announcements are available at this time.

Final Cultivator and General Rules



  • How can I become a cultivator?

    All parties that are interested in obtaining a cultivator license should first become familiar with the cultivator and general rules under Chapter 3796 of the Administrative Code. The next step in the process is to complete and submit an application. A copy of the rules, application forms and instructions can be found on the Medical Marijuana Control Program website:

  • What is the cost of obtaining a cultivator license?

    The cultivator licensing fees are non-refundable and are as follows:

    Level I Level II
    Application fee $20,000 $2,000
    Initial license fee $180,000 $18,000
    Annual license renewal fee $200,000 $20,000
  • How many cultivators will be licensed by the Department of Commerce?

    The Department of Commerce may award up to 12 Level I cultivator licenses and up to 12 Level II cultivator licenses prior to September 9, 2018.

    Level I cultivators are permitted to operate an initial marijuana cultivation area up to 25,000 square feet. Level II cultivators are permitted to operate an initial marijuana cultivation area of 3,000 square feet. Licensees may submit an expansion request pursuant to the cultivator rules.

  • How was the number of cultivators determined?

    We consulted with industry experts and reviewed comments from the public regarding the potential patient population and supply of medical marijuana, as well as the number of cultivators needed to meet the demand for medical marijuana. The proposed number of cultivator licenses will promote competition and proficiency in meeting the demand for medical marijuana in order to provide patients with a safe, consistent supply of medical marijuana.

  • How do I get an application to become a cultivator?

    The application period is now closed.

  • What were the application acceptance periods?

    Level II cultivator applications were accepted June 5-16, 2017, and Level I cultivator applications were accepted June 19-30, 2017.

  • Are applicants from economically disadvantaged groups required to comply with the financial requirement?

    Yes. While HB 523 requires preferential consideration for applications for licensees in four disadvantaged groups, this consideration does not replace or waive the financial requirements.


Please note: The dates listed in this section reflect those specified in the law and are for informational purposes only. Rule adoption and program implementation may occur earlier than the dates specified.

Effective date of Ohio House Bill 523. HB 523 establishes the basic framework for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program.


Cultivator Rules Adopted. Ohio law requires the Ohio Department of Commerce to adopt cultivator rules by this date.


Ohio law requires the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program to be fully operational by this date.